Savi is a very mature person.He understands life at a very young age. He have feelings but may not always show it. He is the perfect guy that all bitches should try.
Savi is a sexy nigga
by De-Jon November 22, 2021
One of the most genuine loyal human being you could meet
That guy savi is a Thurl Boul
by Savi the professor September 28, 2021
short for Savianno
'Savi' is a beautiful happy gay boy who will do everything to cheer you up.
He's the cutest being you'll ever encounter and the walking definition of a Hufflepuff.
Person 1: Have you seen Savi today?
Person 2: Yes, he was jumping through a flower field. I got butterflies when he smiled at me.
by Dwbeehappe January 7, 2018
Savi is a really cute Indian boy which doesn’t happen very often. He’s funny and cute and obnoxious and cute and has a great smile and is cute. Wait did I mention cute? He also has this cologne that any girl will die for. Oh did I mention he’s probably like 6 feet tall. :)
Girl 1: oh my god that Indian boy is sooooooo cute.

Girl 2: He must be a Savi.
Girl 3: good luck with that girl 1!
by #asquad November 2, 2019
old guy who hangs out with highschoolers
Oh nah she hanging out with a sophomore and she 20 she a whole savi
by dictionarywormofweb July 4, 2022
A Fucking Pussy who is a bitch and cannot help in a fight
Eduard:Yo Lets go fight thes punks
Savi: Naw bro i cant fight for shit
Eduard: YOU fucking pussy
by YOUAPUSSYSAVI September 17, 2022
Savi is a bitch and u never know what she is thinking bc savi is always pissed at van for no reason and they both gon get shot by hayden
Omg savi fuck yu butch
by Manny🫧🫧🔫 June 5, 2022