Slang for Sauvignon Blanc
Can I have one glass of Savy B please?

I drank a bottle of Savy B last night!

Do you want to go for a glass of Savy B?
by anniiiB August 14, 2018
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A two-faced dirty rat who lives off (the system) other people, manages there way to do as little as possible and have the nicest of things.
Rat Savy

samantha & posse
by milanopipe February 20, 2011
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people with the name 'Savy Cole' are super HOT! dumb at times, as in most of the times, 'Savy Cole's lack common sense, but who needs it when your that hot?!

Savy Cole's usually wear miniskirts, short shorts, tank tops, and revealing shirts. They'll do anything for attention, and lvoe dinosaurs. the party type, always perverted. But can never find a good guy, usually end up in bad relationships, but if you know a savy cole, date her now!
"Have you seen Savy Cole?"

by dreamforgirls July 19, 2009
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Joel Savy is usually a ranga and has an afro but a genuine bloke, he's a God at NBA 2K but works at hungry jacks so tha5's a let own but a sheila puller and always a great bloke
oh i see that Joel Savy he's a great bloke
by SFX boys October 29, 2018
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Someone who is lazy and two-faced who uses (the system) and other people. They do as little as possible to gain as much from their laziness and everyone else as they can.
Rat Savy.
Rat Savy
Spreads rumors for their gain.
Even Friendship circle are back stabbers. Rat savy people are all alike toxic.
by wickawow February 21, 2011
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Rat Savy is A person or People who associate themselves with other people who use each other and other people around them to make themselves better by gossip employers, family friends.. you name it.
Rat Savy person will for instant use gossip to help their child make friends by telling other parents that other children steal or are horrible children so that they dont want there children around certain kids and their child has a better chance at making friends.

Rat Savy people will make it seem like they work and struggle to make a life and living and even use the system for food stamps and welfare yet take loans out off of other people's lines of credit unlawfully so that its "unnoticable"

Rat Savy people will lie at any cost to make themselves look good at any means. Even if it means throwing there best friend under the bus. They will steal money from there work and other employees who they swear are there friends in their inner circles.

Rat Savy people can't be trusted in your homes, in your friend circles, around your children, in your lives!!

They are unethical.
by mangowasabi March 6, 2011
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