Savannas are some of the most beautiful girls ever. They dye their hair a lot, and are over all adorable. No matter who you are, you want a Savanna in your life. Once you start liking her, it's hard to stop, and it's hard to not like her. She will give you butterflies every time you see her, no matter how prepared you are for it. Savannas have beautiful blue eyes and usually don't know their own beauty. You will have the strongest crush of your life on a Savanna, and it will last a surprising amount of time. You'll always want to kiss her softly, hold her hand, hug her, and play with her hair, even though you know you can't. You will like her before you really even become friends, so be prepared. Consistent daydreams about her are also frequent. While with a Savanna, your heart will break because she isn't yours while you have butterflies because you're near her. You can't ask a Savanna for a hug, you have to wait for a Savanna to ask you. Savannas won't want you to pay for things or give them your jackets, but do it anyway. Savannas deserve it all and more.
Guy: "you know a Savanna?"
You: "yes, she's my best friend and girl I love...."
Guy: "well obviously, it's Savanna."
by TheBisexual October 28, 2014
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A girl that means the world to me. She is so beautiful and makes my day better. Each day I seem to love her more and more. Her smile is what makes me go crazy and smile. She's so cute!!
Savanna is so cute. Be like her
by Billygoat March 03, 2016
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A beautiful girl. Although she's sensitive sometimes, she is always fun and will be there for you. Everyone lives her and she knows how to make a good impression on people.
Cindy- I finally made a new friend! Her name is Savanna! Shes so awesome and cool!
Roger- Oh that's awesome! I've had the biggest crush on her!
by Spongebob squarepants lol December 10, 2013
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Savanna is the best thing to be in this world. She's better than everything. I need her way more than i need anything else even my own breath. She gives me life. She helps me get through my depression. She's the best. Savanna is very beautiful, smart, funny, and caring person. And I lost her. If you ever find her, never lose her like I did. Now I'm slowly dying without her. She was the only reason for me to be alive. If i had one more chance just to see, hear, or even touch her, i would be so happy. And the first thing i would say is "Savanna, I love you. And i never want to lose you again." Dont lose her like i did.
I want Savanna to be in my life.
by Âñøñŷmøù$ August 02, 2018
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Do i really have to define this one, there is to much positive things to say :)
Definition: Smart

Always there for you
Never underestimate them :)
Savanna is a amazing best friend, if you find a Savanna never let them go :)
by >;3 April 03, 2017
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A savanna is an amazing girl to have around. She is so fun to be around and wierd in her own way. She has beautiful dirty blonde hair and soft blue eyes with long straight hair. She has a big personality which is talkative and being a brat but still she is literally the best.
A savanna is a complete brat.
Like such a brat
by @imdead February 17, 2018
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The sweetest, smartest, prettiest, caring, loving girl anyone could ever know. She is the best daughter, granddaughter, friend & mother of a kitty.
If every girl was like a Savanna this world would be a much better place!
by Califdreamin71 October 17, 2014
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