Sausage Water is when you take a cooked or un-cooked sausage and place it in cold water, leaving it for an hour or so. After about an hour the water turns a pastel fogged shade of orange that is the pigment of a sausage. This quite frankly tastes disgusting and is usually used for memes.
Person 1: Hey bro I'm gonna stick a sausage in water and make some sausage water
Person 2: Why? It tastes horrible and it's disgusting!
Person 1: For the memes man I just wanna see it in action
Person 2: Why were you ever my friend.
by purroids May 24, 2021
A big fat wriggly otter
Oh look at that huge water sausage! It's so slippery and wet!
by Furry Schnoodle April 13, 2019
A wetland flowering plant with brown, oblong seedpods. Known less commonly as "typha."
Oh! It is a "water sausage."
by Negative_Hippie November 27, 2015
It is a water balloon that uses a condom instead of an actual balloon.
Y'all seen that mufucka smackin people with his water sausage?
by Cammurabhi April 7, 2018
Any person. Comes from the fact that we are nothing but meat and water encased in skin, much like a hot dog or sausage
Guy 1: hey, what's up water sausage?

Guy 2: Not much, you?
by bootywarrior3 March 1, 2015
“Seriously you would at least try to fool me with a hot dog first, which is just a water sausage in a bun
by Underfell December 14, 2018
Its bog weed but make it childish and fun
"OMG Sean look its a bog weed!"
"Sorry its a what?"
"Water sausage"
"No thats a bog weed you Dozy Sod"
by Zoent November 18, 2020