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Sau-er-kraut that bitch (v)

1)A process in which an individual proceeds to tightly pack a woman's vaginal cavity with sauerkraut, then eats it out of the vagina.

Sometimes the sauerkraut is not eaten and other actions are taken, such as exiting the room and leaving the vagina filled with sauerkraut. This, and other certain visual aspects, lead toward alternate uses of the phrase.

2) Packing the vagina with sauerkraut, then leaving.

3) Covering or stuffing food with sauerkraut. This comes from the fact that a sandwich stuffed with copious amounts of sauerkraut and roast beef highly resembles a vagina after someone has 'Sauerkrauted that bitch'. It is possible to 'Sauerkraut that bitch' with any type of food however, provided enough sauerkraut is available.

4) A proposal to leave quickly. Originates from sprinting out of the room after filling a vagina with sauerkraut. It is interchangeable with other sayings such as let's bounce or let's roll.
Ex 1.

Person 1: Hey, I saw you taking a girl home last night. Did you SAUERKRAUT THAT BITCH? And was it delicious?
Person 2: Fuck yeah! *fist bump*

Ex 2.
Person 1: I did SAUERKRAUT THAT BITCH last night, but I ditched after getting the kraut in her.
Person 2: So you left her sitting on the kitchen counter with a vaginal cavity filled with sauerkraut?
Person 1: Pretty much.
Person 2: Fuck yeah! *fist bump*

Ex 3.
Person 1: Damn, this roast beef sandwich is fucking boring.
Person 2: Why don't you SAUERKRAUT THAT BITCH?!!?
Person 1: But I don't have enough sauerkraut.
Person 2: *Pulls out 20lb bag of sauerkraut*
Person 1: Fuck yeah! *fist bump*

Ex 4.

Person 1: The cops are outside! Shitshitshitshit what are we gonna do?
Person 2: let's SAUERKRAUT THAT BITCH!!!
Person 1: Fuck yeah! *fist bump, then runs away*
Person 2: Where are you going? I'm gonna sauerkraut that bitch. *Points at a cop*
by Sauerkraut is Delicious February 09, 2011
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