Sauce is the term utilized when researching nhentai doujin, it is a 6 digits number.
That's a nice hentai you got there, what's the sauce ?

Sauce is 177013
by MorphRed May 17, 2019
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A slang word meaning source. Mainly in the comment section of a manga, Youtube, nh*ntai, etc.
69Ilovecoom: *posts 177013*
Somerandomdudeontheinternetgoingtogetanxiety: Sauce? Sauce?
by Le Bruh December 27, 2020
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Sauce is confidence. Meat is the people around you who give you false confidence (no meat just sauce). You can sprinkle sauce to others. You aren't born with confidence, you learn it (becoming seasoned). You can become over confident and lose your humility (getting lost in the sauce). You don't need money to be confident. The sauce gets you money but getting lost in the sauce will get you caught up.
Jay: Is he going to talk to her?
Daron: Hell yeah, he got hella sauce.

Leroy: I think he got in over his head.
Tim: He got lost in the sauce.
by Grand_Master_C December 03, 2015
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Another way of saying source.
OMG, that's hawt! Sauce?
by DarkHowie December 26, 2004
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Sauce is stuff that you put on food like burgers. Barbecue sauce and French dressing sauce both go well with burgers.

Sauce is also slang for ejaculatory or cum. It's used in cartoon porn sites to ask the artist to draw the same picture with "sauce" on it.
This burger is delicious! Good thing I added French dressing to the burger and fries. And ketchup sauce.

Dude: This porn picture of Judy Neutron is hot! Sauce?

Artist: Here's a picture with sauce.

Dude: Thanks.
by HawaiianPunch1 July 20, 2021
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Def. 1-
(noun) a liquid or semi-liquid edible dressing or condiment served as an accompaniment to or an ingredient in a meat, dessert, or other food: pizza sauce, steak sauce, cranberry sauce, chocolate sauce, etc., or (verb) to add said sauce to something.

Def 2-
(noun) an intoxicating substance, usually hard liquor.

Def 3-
(noun) A word used to describe something as especially good, often used stand alone as an interjection.

Def 4-
(interrogative) slang for "source"- usually used when asking for the source a particular file on a "chan" or other chat/image board.

Def 5-
(archaic- now usually only heard in old Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny cartoon reruns from the '40s) rude or impudent speech, especially applying to "backtalk."

Def 1-
"This pasta needs more marinara sauce."

Def 2-
"I threw back way too much of the sauce last night- I can't remember getting this new tattoo."

Def 3-
"I just banged Eddie's hot sister! Sauce!"

Def 4-
"teh girl pwns! I need moar! Sauce?!"

Def 5-
"Don't you young whippersnappers give me no sauce, dagnabit!"
by dog ng July 31, 2008
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