To try to get with a girl; get into a relationship
Damn that girl is cute, I think I’m going to sauce up
by YungRack$ April 25, 2019
Usually referred to The drunkest/wasted ,person you see in the bar/party usually after they have been getting into grandpa's cough medicine lol
If you are at a social gathering where there is alot of alcohol and someone is so drunk that they think you throw pillow is your new kitty cat mittens, that person would be sauced up
by Dallas17 December 29, 2009
This is a term used while someone is high,or drunk
Bro I am so sauced up right now
by keefkilla May 15, 2014
“Don’t sauce up my girl. You aren’t getting her back; she’s mine not yours.”
by Joshie.B January 18, 2018
when you get "roasted" "fried" or like made fun off
Mary Ellen got sauced up
by Daddy4206969 July 17, 2017
All sauced up; when you're well dressed and or your outfits or style is so on point and matches the moment or occasion.

All sauced up :- When you’re prepared, well guarded and ready to get into activities.
They “all sauced up” like some local folks.
by @makare1991 October 28, 2018