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(n.) A girl, associated by employment with a specific store in a specific location, who has a special relationship with a vendor to that store. Satellite girls are usually sought out by married, narcissistic vendors at each of their delivery stops so they never have to go without attention. Satellite girls provide a listening ear for the vendor to spill his relationship woes to and also provide a fun, flirty, and often sexual experience for the vendor during his stop. The satellite girl may be led to believe she is in a legitimate relationship with the vendor, but she is not aware that he has similar relationships with a girl at all of his stops. Due to the hard feelings brought about by the deception surrounding the relationship between vendor and his satellite girl, the satellite girl will usually end up leaving her job and another girl will unknowingly take her spot. In extreme cases of hard feelings or if the relationship posts a threat to the livelihood of the vendor, the vendor may change routes to lose that stop and cut ties with the satellite girl.
Vendor 1: Were you getting head out beside Wal-Mart around 2 from the customer service chick?

Vendor2: Yep! She gives me head every Wednesday after I check their order in.

Vendor1: Ain’t you married, bruh?

Vendor 2: Man, she’s just a satellite girl; I can’t even remember her damn name.
by Btwitsjennifer June 12, 2018
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