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This is an act when you're stuck in a room with Satan and a Prostitute and Satan is trying to convince you to eat the Corn-chips (Pussy) but the Corn-chips are on fire (Herpes) from Satan eating them before you. So what you do is take some Oregano and a Basket-Ball and sprinkle the Oregano on the Corn-chips and use the Basket-Ball to bring out the flavors of the flaming hot Corn-chips before you begin to dig in. This technique can also turn into one called "The Rapture" where as you start eating the flaming Corn-chips God busts into the room through the wall like he is the Kool-aid man with a Foot-Ball and a Baseball bat telling you not to eat the Corn-chips. Confused by this recent encounter you decide to stand on a chair and tie a noose around your neck, whilst you're on the chair God begins to spread Oregano on the Foot-Ball and place it on the Corn-chips and hits it with the Baseball bat in attempt to put out the fire on the Corn-chips. This causes the Prostitute to flail kicking the chair out from underneath you and causes you to hang there feeling elevated as if you have been ascended.
Last time I did bath salts I woke up feeling like I had been given Satans Sloppy Seconds.
by Tyronefy January 14, 2018
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