A minigun that weighs 150 kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute.

It costs $400,000 to fire this weapon for only twelve seconds.
Oh my god, who touched Sasha?
by Manjenkins June 21, 2009
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A beautiful girl with the most incredible hazel eyes who is cool and popular yet she isn't big headed. She is cute, sexy, passionate, confident and shy all at the same time. She finds it hard to open up to people, but once she does, she is even more incredible. She has an amazing taste in music and style (usually indie). The sort of girl who you stare at as she walks past - and you just can't forget about her.
Person 1 "Woah, there's Sasha..."
Person 2 "Damn she's hot..."

Person 1 "Shit - who's that guy with Sasha??"
Person 2 "Lucky bastard"
by rawerrr July 28, 2010
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The male version of Sasha usually means greatness with a positive attitude. Good looking and loves a great smile on a girl.
He was always happy and smiling! What a Sasha!
by HONEYBzzzz February 02, 2010
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She is absolutely gorgeous, has an amazing personality and an unbelievably great taste in music. She's blessed with the voice of an angel and is one of the most honest and loyal people alive.

All the guys long to call her their's and all the girls long to be her.
Person 1- "That Sasha girl is breath taking."
Person 2- "I know right, I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw her!"
by TROIBB December 20, 2010
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shes the most beautiful person in the world and shes the love of my life :) nothing more can explain her. shes just amazing
by sasha<33333333333333333333 September 21, 2010
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Sasha is a free spirit. She's the girl one could easily fall in love with if not careful. She has one crazy, defining feature that everyone knows her by. She's the nicest person you'll ever meet Sasha never gets mad unless she has a reason. She always remembers that everyone has a story and everyone has gone through something that has changed them. Sasha is a dreamer, she's Passionate and fierce and never gives up. She's is social a social butterfly, however she keeps her secrets hidden away and tries to focus on happiness, she won't bring them up unless you ask. She's the girl who goes above and beyond for people, even when they do nothing in return, however, she doesn't chase love, affection, or attention, she knows if it's not given freely by another person it is not worth having. She loves making people feel happy and she'll love you for who you are but she tries not to fall in love, she'll distance herself from someone if she finds herself in such a predicament, if you have a Sasha hold on to her and if she falls in love don't let her slip away. She loves to dance although you'll rarely see her do so, her Hippie way of life is inspiring and encouraging. There isn't someone more passionate about life than Sasha.
Person1: What should we do today?
Person 2: Lets lay in the grass and count every beautiful thing we see.
Person 1: You're such a Sasha.
by InDetail June 01, 2014
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A very sweet girl that you will immediately want to become best friends with. She will make you laugh a lot by just being herself. She's very pretty and all the boys like her. Her dazzling smile will honestly make your day a better one. You would be lucky to have a Sasha in your life.
That girl has the most gorgeous smile, she must be a Sasha!!
by mickydovexo December 13, 2016
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