Beyoncé's alter-ego. Its a level of fierce too.

Beyoncé created this character for fun & wanted to try something new back in 2008-2013.
Sasha Fierce made her first appearance in the iconic music video "Single Ladies".
Apparently, Sasha's last appearance was at the 2013 SuperBowl.

Just like how Nicki Minaj has her own alter-egos she acts out. (Roman, Lewinsky, Martha, Barbie etc)
Selener: Sasha Fierce really came out of Queen Bey last night! She was epic!

Becky with the good hair: I know right! I wish i was like her.
by naliyahx November 12, 2020
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a level above fierce, as compared to beyoncé's alter-ego in the video "single ladies" (because to be on the same level of miss knowles is not just fierce, it is SASHA FIERCE)
did you see aly in her new manolos? she looked sasha fierce!
by alyson leigh January 16, 2009
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Beyonce's new name (i.e; trying to attract press.)
"That girl is such a Sasha Fierce." Sarah said, pointing out the girl trying to get attention.
"Look. She changed her name. What a Sasha Fierce."
by AnonymousWithAHeart October 24, 2008
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