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The school that everyone in the county hates. The school whos sports teams all suck, except precious baseball of course. The school where every year we sport our orange and black and yell ram chops just to get killed by rhs again. The school where you can go into any bathroom at any given time on any day and find someone smoking. The school where you know that our security guard fought Chuck Norris. The school that has the widest range of people from red neck to black to white ghetto fab. The school that has figured out almost every "cheat the system" websites to get on myspace or facebook. The school where girls get into more fights than the guys. The school that contains about 90% of druggies.

Over all, the school no one wants to go to.
student 1:"Go SHS! Yeah Ram Chops!"

student 2:"Hey man, you know Riverview High School beats Sarasota High School every year.. Why even cheer?"

student 1:"Hey man put your cigarette out, Judge is coming"

student 2:"Shit she fought Chuck Norris, I'm not messing with her."
by gradd. March 17, 2009
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