Sarah is the girl you want to be around all the time. She's preppy and loves vineyard vines. She's that kind of girl who has four best friend and about six friends. sometimes she flirts with one guy and sometimes two guys. She's enthusiastic, smart,funny and pretty. Her best friends are smart and laugh at her jokes even though there stupid. she's kind and generous and helps everyone out. Although she gets good grades she does her homework last minute. She's just the girl everyone wants to be around. She's the perfect friend to have.
Wow, your are so nice. your such a Sarah
by Happy halloween October 13, 2014
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A girl who is amazing and also a mouse. She makes the sound afjaghajgheoghpwg (quietly). She loves turtles and owes me a cookie. Overall, she's perfect.
That girl is such a Sarah.
by who am i ? December 31, 2012
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this pretty cool person who is talkative and looks incredibly white and holds a pretty good argument against most people who underestimate her and she cant live without Nina
dude those 2 chicks are hardcore Sarah and Nina style
by GOR :D February 17, 2008
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Evil yet sexy this girl is someone you dont want to mess with. She is sassy has great comebacks and insults but once relaxed can also give great compliments. Seems stoned or drunk a lot. Huge flirt with everyone guys and girls both. Do not be swayed by this sirens song she is a minx who will do anything to get her way and she always gets what she wants. Probable descendent of Lucifer himself this girl is pure evil with a heart of ice.
"Damn did you hear what Sarah did today"
"Yah she is one evil girl"
"I know shes such a Sarah"
by sciencebitch January 03, 2014
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The greatest best friend in the world. Can't survive without her best friend Janine and always wants to go to Cedar Point.
-She wants to go to Cedar Point with Janine.... She must be a sarah"
by thatgirlsbestfriend October 14, 2011
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She is sooooooooooooooooooooo fashionable, funny, and bae. Sarah tends to be not confident and has low self-esteem. She has lots of people who are there for her and tell her she is beautiful, unique, and kind. She is hilarious but tends to embarrass herself a little too much. She falls in love with one person and once only. She crushes on multiple people before she chooses a one true love. She makes a lot of mistakes and lies a lot to protect her friends and family but ends up screwing everything up. Soon she learns from her mistakes. She loves her friends and family and is a sweet compassionate girl!
Sarah is so great, I wish she'd listen to her friends and think she is gorgeous!
by TheMotavator February 28, 2015
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A loving,caring,kind,musical,funny, and animal lover! Has a outstanding favorite color, is VERY educated and not into guys as much as other girls. Doesn't want to grow up to fast and is enjoying life as it takes her
All in all Sarah is a great person!
by Orange7899 December 15, 2014
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