An adorable, intelligent girl that always puts a smile on my face. She always knows when to comfort you and is a great lover. She is protective of most but doesn't like to hurt others.
Sarah is to amazing for this
by =LSR= Seven February 28, 2013
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Sarah, One of the most sexiest girls in the world a beautiful, intelligent, sexy, caring, amazing girl who can roll out of bed in the morning and still pull off perfect. her smile is just gorgeous. She's the type of girl you just can't let down, no matter how busy you are you'll try your hardest to make time for her. She's something special, you can't let her go once you have.
by Sexy_Moses October 10, 2016
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Sarah is one of the nicest girls in the world. She is the an amazing artist and photographer. She is a beautiful girl and should always be appreciated. She is funny and a great friend, she is the best weapon alchemist ever in the world and is the best otaku out there. She should always be surrounded by her good friends and with her boyfriend: Alphonse Elric.
"Sarah is so pretty. I wish I was as good looking and was as good as a weapon alchemist as her..."
by Purple Kyuun August 26, 2012
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This girl is a psychic and has recently been accepted into Hogwarts. She's amazing, cute, and fabulously cool. She always knows how to make Mr. Soria really happy. The best girl to have a relationship with, because of her nerdiness, and disregard for what others think.
"Hey, like, did you, like, hear about Sarah, like, getting into Hogwarts?"

"Yeah, I heard she's also makes Mr. Soria really happy."

"Like, she must be, like, an amazing like girl."

"Mr. Soria thinks so."

by AcoustnickGuitar June 11, 2011
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She is always there for every friend or anyone that needs her help. She is crazy in a good way and can make anyone laugh, even though sometimes she can be a little random. Everyone always has her back because she has thiers. She is pretty and her smile can make anyone instantly feel happy. She is unforgettable and will always leave her memory with you even if you dont know her. Shes your best friend and everyones. She always supportive and rembers everything you say, and loves anime. Keep her in your heart forever and cherish every moment you have with her. She changes you for the better and will always be no matter what a Sarah.
Girl: So what do you think of the new girl?
Me: I think shes just.....
Girl&Me at the same time : A Sarah!!!
Me: Yeah she is definitly the good type of Sarah.
Girl: Good then shes the best kind.
Me: Sarahs always are.
by sarahs bff January 03, 2013
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A very beautiful, shy, sweet, intelligent, meaningful, and loyal friend who you can trust. Sometimes annoying, but very easy to get along with.
by Mrs. Hemmings ;) June 04, 2014
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someone who feels all emotions strongly and is called a doormat because she lets people walk all over her. Quite possibly the nicest person you'll ever meet. Generally really pretty and smart.
Man I wish I was a Sarah!
by answers123 February 28, 2015
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