Sarah is a blunt blunt person. She always tells the truth and this leads to ridicule at time. She has one kidney because she was ran over by a milkvan bahahahah it was reversing, how stupid of her.
Example one:
Do you like me?
No, you're shit.
Oi!! Don't go all sarah on me.

Example two:
How on earth did you fall up the down escalators?
I dunno, must be the Sarah in me.
by dotdotdot99999 April 20, 2012
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A lovely woman with large breasts. She always knows how to FUCK a man. She eats everything...yeah! She teases boys like she is the queen.
mike:did you see her
Nick:how big is she
mike:she must be a sarah
by sugarrrrushx42 August 30, 2008
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A spiteful and nasty character that likes to cause others pain, Sarah also likes to be the center of attention all the time!
Look at me, I am sarah I am amazing and wonderful... worship me!
by Uggybear January 19, 2011
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Sarah is a bitch but everybody loves her anyway she also loves all mackenzies
Sarah is so rude but at the same time I love her
by kenzie26 February 23, 2015
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beautiful, intelligent, sexy, caring, amazing girl who can roll out of bed in the morning and still pull off perfect. her smile and personality brighten my day, regardless of how bad it's been before i see her. her eyes are the color of perfectly cut emeralds. they catch every ounce of light, not to mention your attention. they are as beautiful as the soul they mirror. her lips are the softest that you will ever have the pleasure of kissing. her kiss itself is amazingly sensual, yet packs the force of a fireworks display. every time our eyes meet my heart skips a beat and i lose my breath. there really are no words to describe someone so perfect. I tried my best.
Sarah is my life
by armada365 February 19, 2015
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A gorgeous girl who loves to dance. she also loves to sing but she's not very good at it. She get all the hot boys attention and loves to flirt. She gives boys boners just cause she is so pretty!
Damnnnnnnnnnn that girl is such a Sarah.
by Lexi Elizabeth February 16, 2015
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