female alaska governer being used by mccain's campaign in order to sway women voters to vote for him in 2008 presidential election.

currently under investigation for corruption for using her power for personal reasons.
has a teen daughter who is pregnant.
currently being focused on her affair she had with her husband's bussiness partner.

ignorant power hungry lady.
who is sarah palin?

someone who thinks hillary voters are supid enough to vote for her just because of her gender.
by @__@ September 07, 2008
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-A "Maverick" from Alaska;)........who does everything people tell her to do.

-A disgrace and a 40 year setback for women across the nation

-John McCain's pin-up doll
synonomous with ditz.

"Gosh darn, wink wink!"- Sarah Palin
"I'll have to get back to ya!"
by Virgo Bootz January 29, 2009
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Sadistic cunt that knows no boundaries for unconscionable self-conduct. Sometimes possessed by the devil, has been known to sue to remove polar bears from the endangered species list to further her agenda to drill for oil, thus likely pushing them to extinction and contribute to environmental destruction and global warming. Also pays aerial hunters to chase wolves to exhaustion and then bring her their freshly severed front legs.
example 1) Whoa there! Are you pouring anti-freeze into that stream? Thats extremely bad for the environment. Are you trying to be the next Sarah Palin or something?

example 2) Laura, Dick, Lynn, Condi and I want to thank you, Sarah, for inviting us over to dine on these succulent human embryos served in the scooped out skulls of endangered snow leopards. After dinner, let's go shoot some guns and feed each other our feces.
by JGarrison September 06, 2008
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Backwards republican who's against not only gay marriage but also monetary rights to gay couples. But she's for cruelty to animals to the extent where she supports the practice of hunting Wolves by air. How sporting!
"ugh dude who should I vote for? I hate other countries, animals, a progressive economy and equal rights."

"Then vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin!"
by smurfsdabomb August 30, 2008
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A pathetically inexperienced Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican ticket. She would not have been picked had she been a male
McCain is insulting womens' intelligence thinking he can win over votes with someone like Sarah Palin
by BassClefAlbert September 01, 2008
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The incredibly unconfortable feeling of having excrement pushed back up your colon with a rough wood plunger.

Man this country is about to get a Sarah Palin for the next four years!
by Assholemike September 09, 2008
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Poor Sarah Palin. Just look at the number of terms on UD which are derived from her name:

Sarah Palin MILF
Sarah Palin glasses
Pullin' a Palin ....
Sarah Palindrome
by spunkTanker April 09, 2011
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