The vice presidential nominee who is basically a nazi, without the genocide. She has as much experience as a PTA member. Quite frankly she's a bit of a joke. Oh yeah and her daughter has had two kids and pretends the first one was hers, hows that for fucked up.
OMG!!! McCain is a hypocrite for nominating Sarah Palin.
by Chrisity September 15, 2008
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Person A: If John McCain becomes president and dies, our only hope is Sarah Palin as vice president.
Person B: Shit, dude. America is fucked.
by livelovelie September 06, 2008
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The former Governor of Alaska and could-be Vice President candidate. Despite the fact that her C.V. could barely reach half a cocktail napkin; the US citizens applaud her knowledge of foreign policy (consisting of being able to see Russia from Alaska, and when questioned and little to no idea of the Bush Doctrine and has no ability to think for herself and just lets the Republican lobbyists do the thinking for her), and that she's well travelled (despite barely leaving the USA and claiming she went to Iraq but didn't), and crucially making a u-turn on her stance regarding the 'bridge to nowhere' (while pocketing a lot of the cash for herself and leaving the town she was mayor of $20 million in debt), not to mention her firm anti-abortion stance (including the scenario where unwanting mothers are charged in the event of rape) and support of abstinence (even though her seventeen year old daughter has been knocked up hence showing that she has no real intention of practising what she preaches), and she cares about her family (although she's made it painfully obvious that she has no issues with abandoning her five month old infant with Downs Syndrome to go and place Vice President) but at least she doesn't abuse her power (despite being currently under investigation for firing a state trooper as a result of a family dispute) and believes in the freedom of information (although she did insist on having 'certain books' removed from her local library).

In essence, Sarah Palin is another bible bashing, gun toting, abstinence supporting, environmentalist denouncing, Big Oil supporting, homophobic Republican... great.
Really Sarah Palin is in the Republican Vice Presidentual nominee in an effort to break the stereotype of Repulicans all being fat, old, rich, white guys afraid of change... like John McCain (who's four year plan for his first term could be summed up as 'Don't die'). Also, she could be a useful insurance policy should McCain suffer a sudden heart attack and die after winning the presidency by such a narrow margin.
by Chris Alderson September 23, 2008
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Heinous bitch who only got elected because she sucked McCain's dick.
That fatherfucker is such a Sarah Palin that I bet she gets it on with politicians to save face. Or to moisturize face.
by BorntoVogue August 29, 2008
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Irrefutable proof that Republicans DO in fact support affirmative action...but typical of Republicans, they only support it when it serves the interest of old white men.
Person 1: The Republican Party has consistently opposed affirmative action.
Person 2: Well, what about Sarah Palin?
Person 1: Sarah who??
by Obama2008 September 02, 2008
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1. When one applies lipstick to the mouth of a pitbull, they will have successfully built a Sarah Palin (or hockey mom equivalent).

2. Any female notorious for dynamically generating abstract names for her children. Similar to a password generation program.

3. A 2008 U.S. vice presidential candidate chosen for her sexual appeal to naive U.S. citizens, her extensive knowledge of the use of the word 'maverick', and the fact that she is completely void of any useful knowledge that could aid her through the course of being vice president.

4. Anyone capable of viewing the Soviet Union from their dwelling.

5. Anyone who believes extracting oil from a limited supply near Alaska will erase every problem from the face of the United States.
1. Yesterday, I finally acquired some lipstick so I could finish my Sarah Palin.

2. Hey Trig, should I name my next daughter Carport, Cashew, Rake, or Purple?

3. Hello, I'm Sarah Palin. I was chosen as a candidate because I'm a sexy dumb maverick!

4. I can see Russia from my house!

5. Drill, baby, drill.
by Hilary 2012 October 18, 2008
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