1. A tacky and ass-butt stupid politician; John McCain's runningmate.

2. A stupid piece of white trash; a hick; someone desperate for attention and affirmation. Usually with a passel of children because she's anti-contraceptive and extremely fertile.
My dad's girlfriend is such a Sarah P., she might as well be from Alaska. Man is she a douche.
by Peter W. Huber April 20, 2009
The wildest marg drinker this side the Mason Dixon. Laughs at anyone's jokes to make them feel better. Artistic and crafty. Loves Birkenstocks and Converse. Very organized. Rarely blacks out when she drinks, she she is a good friend to have at a party
Did you see Sarah P at the party last night.

Yes, she is so composed with her alcohol intake.
by sarahroxmasox April 4, 2018