The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet and so gorgeous and tall and funny. At first, she won't talk much. After you get to know her, she'll talk your ear off! Saras are sometimes a Swiftie, and they love anything to do with Taylor Swift. She loves Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, etc. Youtube guys, or really any guys that are thousands of miles away that she has no chance with, are her type. She likes posting weird things on instagram with the occasional adorable selfie. Also, every Sara must have a bff named Gracelynn. GraceLynn will seem like the loud one sometimes, but when they are alone, Sara WON'T SHUT UP. She likes stalking guys on ask.fm, and on instagram too. She hasn't used Facebook in forever, and her pro pic on it is from four years ago. She loves people, sometimes, and is basically the most amazingly gorgeous and perfect friend anyone could ever have.
Hayes: Sara is so beautiful.
Nash: IKR! She's mine.
by Grace0207 December 20, 2014
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Sara is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name is 'Princess' so treat the female with the name as if she is one! These girls often look nice and are irresistible.
That Sara girl is so irresistible!
by Amethysttheninetales May 27, 2015
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Sara is a name usually for a girl. She's really pretty and is a bad bitch. Sara is the girl you want
"Damn did u see Sara today? She's so hot"
by BeyoncéQueen July 23, 2015
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the most beautiful girl in the world who is super nice has a great personality and is always right overall a great person who has a lame boyfriend whos name usually starts with an L she says hes the best which we all know she is wrong
guy 1: man did you see sara walk by?

guy 2: yea but we all know shes has lame boyfriend

guy 3: yea Luke i hate that guy

guy 4: who doesn't ?
by lame boyfriend 12 June 28, 2011
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A beautiful girl that's shy but hard not to like. Easy to fall in love with.
"Who's that girl?" "Who? Sara? She's shy, but damn, she's pretty."
by GriffinTheDark April 22, 2015
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The most amazing girl in the world. She is unique, beautiful, understanding, kind, and loving. She is every guys dream girl.
That girl is perfect in every way. Her name must be Sara
by Soccerplayer19 August 26, 2015
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