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The scariest fucking idea anyone has ever come up with.
GOP 1: "How can we get this armageddon thing moving?"

GOP 2: "We need a president that is dumber than Bush, but has more conviction to the bible; someone who believes that the dinosaurs walked the earth 4,000 years ago, and who has super human eyesight as to see Russia from Alaska."

GOP 1: "Bingo, I got it! Sara Palin!"

GOP 2: "Brilliant!"
by 8088Y80M8 December 30, 2011
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female version of Ann Coulter, Governor of Alaska, Republican nominee in 2008 for Vice President. Believes that Roe vs Wade should be overturned, that Creationism is real and I.M. is actually Science. Not only still believes that there was a connection between Iraq and 911, but that the war in Iraq is "Gods Plan". Believes alaskan rape victims should buy their own rape kits. Alaskan Natives hate her because she dissed them, Alaskan Special needs families hate her because she cut the budget for them by 68%, Hillary Clinton followers hate her because she is trying to set womens rights back 30 years, and her daughters boyfriend hates her because she is making him marry her daughter, Bristol. May in fact be the most ignorant person to ever run for any public office.
What is the difference between Sara Palins Vagina and a Clown car?
by JayCee2010 September 11, 2008
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