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Sara-Lynn Is a girl you would be extremely lucky to know. She is confidentbeautiful and extremely kind. She can seem shy, but is a great person. She can get very hyper, but she knows when to stop. She will only be mean when you are mean to her . She is outrageously beautifuland you would be lucky to know a Sara-Lynn.
Hey do you know Sara Lynn?

Yeah she is one of the greatest people I know!
by Delilah Jones October 15, 2017
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1. an error in the spelling of 'SaraLee'
2. also a term for catching a red-eye flight from Houston to Alaska.
1. as in pies, cakes, cookies, made by the company 'Saralee'
2. 'so when did you get in?'
you would say: 'I caught a Saralynn, have serious jetlag. Seriously'
by Denorma Lepel May 24, 2008
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A whore who fuck and sucks everybody. Her face is really round like a circle. Her mouth is really wide and her nose looks like a turtles mouth. She wears synthetic weaves, steal from her father and insecure. Her body is wack outside of clothes.
Don't be like Saralynn, she has aids!
Did Saralynn fuck him too?
Saralynn is bald headed , poor girl!
by Bitch You Know Who :'D December 21, 2016
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