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Sans the Skeleton is a well-known character in the indie game UNDERTALE, Named after the well-known font 'Comic Sans' and also based of the word 'sans' which means humorous and funny. He loves jokes and ketchup and has a brother named Papyrus which is also named after the font 'papyrus' and the word papyrus it self. Sans is a kind hearted guy at first looks, but he gets real tough when you do a genocide run. These two skeletons are based of a comic skit called, 'Helvetica' which has a skeleton protagonist and is also named after the font. This Helvetica was created by JN Wiedle which it appears in the Pasifist credits of the game.
Sans: I dunno, maybe it's...
Papyrus: DON'T YOU DARE-
Sans the Skeleton: TWO-TIRED?
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by A Sans-ation July 10, 2016
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sans is a fictional skeletal type monster named after the font "comic sans" from the RPG UNDERTALE by Toby Fox.

appearance: he is a semi-short chubby skeleton with an hourglass shaped skull white glowing pupils in his eye-sockets and a huge grin, he wears a blue jacket the hood on said jacket is grey, he also wears a white t-shirt, black gym shorts with white stripes, and white slippers.
sans is one of the weakest monster in the game having only 1 atk and 1 def and possibly has only 1 hp.
though he may be weak he is one of the hardest "bosses" in the game ,his abilities consist of telekinesis, teleportation, manipulation of gravity, summoning Gaster blaster (creature that fires a singular beam of energy and resembles a dragons skull ) and light blue attacks (if you don't move light blue attacks wont hurt you) and bone attacks, he is also the only monster in the game that dodges the players attacks.
sans has a younger (yet taller) brother Papyrus (also named after a font)
personality: He is "HUMOROUS" , intelligent, and lazy
it is widely believed that sans and papyrus are the sons/creations of a secret character in the game the former royal scientist Dr.WD Gaster (named after the font WINGDINGS and Aster)

when sans is mad or using telekinesis/ gravity manipulation his left eye flashes light blue and yellow
*heheheh the ol' whoopee cushion in the hand trck.
*its always funny.... anyways... your a human right?
*thats hilarious
*im sans....
*sans the skeleton
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by comicsans92 September 14, 2017
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A character from the RPG Undertale and has a brother named Papyrus. Sans speaks with the text Comic Sans and is a complete pun master.
"Yo, have you met Sans the skeleton before?? He so awesome and funny!"
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by Ally027 October 07, 2016
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Sans the skeleton is from Undertale and is known to make hilarious bad puns and being a lazy pile of bones.
His brother Papyrus means the world to him so you dare make this cinnamon bun roll sad, you're gonna have a bad time from Sans.
When sans is angry, his right eye socket is dark while his left glows and flaming a cyan and yellow.
He is somehow time line traveler, which means, he knows what happens in each time line, but if you're a time line traveler yourself and make a different decision, he may not know what will happen.
Sans and Papyrus are related to a formal royal scientist; W.D Gaster.
1.Sans the skeleton is not real, you'll, never be his wife!
2. Sans: Oh come on paps, i did a ton of work...
Sans: a skele-TON
by FallenHuman July 25, 2016
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Person 1: wow this skeleton is heavy
Person 2: it weighs a skele ton
Person: uhg you're such a sans the skeleton
by Asjsissjsjdj March 31, 2016
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skeleton who can teleport and has eats ketchup and also dunks you
Bob: That's a sans the skeleton!
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by SuperBranYT June 13, 2018
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1: A character from Undertale. Loves puns, his bro, and ketchup. Also, gives bad times.


3: My senpi
Sans the Skeleton killed me for the 9,000,000,000,000th time!!! GOSH DARN IT!!!!
by Clara the Random Person 123 February 16, 2017
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