my home town oh yes!! san jose and/or the bay area is one of the top concert going places in America.
ME-dude, lets go to a Kiss concert
Emily- No! lets go to Van Halen
Me- lets go to both!
Emily- where's my bong?
by ME June 18, 2004
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The biggest city in the Bay Area which just happens to also have the biggest inferiority complex.
by bobrk March 11, 2005
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The 10th largest city in the US in terms of population. Also it has been named "the safest big city in america" contrary to all of you oakland and sf mothafuckas who think otherwise. Also, traffic not bad for a big city and lots of parks so no smog around.
oakland/freemont person: Fuck it! This sucks Im moving to San Jose.
San Jose person: Damn yous a dick for livin in that shithole for all those years.
SF person: I wanna suck a dick.
by caliplaya January 25, 2006
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The capital of Silicon Valley. The nation's 10th largest city and 3rd largest in California. The city and its suburbs are home to more high-tech and web-based corporations than anywhere else in the United States including HP, Yahoo!, Google, Intel, Macintosh and Cisco. The city has a very high cost of living and is among America's most expensive to live. Although one of America's largest cities, it has a low crime rate and no skyscrapers but has a diverse population, traffic congestion and air pollution.
San Jose is nice if you make mega bucks working in its high-tech corporations but dam if you don't. San Jose would suck for me. I don't have a lot of money and can't stand diversity.
by krock1dk July 27, 2007
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Home of the San Jose Earthquakes football team of MLS. It's safe to say that the vast majority of people on this planet know San Jose for the Earthquakes. Founded in 1974 in the old NASL, where San Jose lead the League in attendance (till Pele and Beckenbauer went to NY Cosmos). The MLS Earthquakes hosted MLS' inaugural game in 1996 beating DC United 1-0, as the San Jose Clash, a name that Nike USA insisted the San Jose team carry, thus alienating the thousands of original fans who didn't bother going to see the new team. In 2000, new owners reverted to the original name, but astonishingly chose new colors and a new logo. Two MLS Cups followed. Greats to play for The Quakes include Jimmy Johnstone, George Best, Paul Child, Johnny Moore, Landon Donovan, and Darren Huckerby to name a few. San Jose Earthquakes is the oldest name in Division 1 "soccer" in the United States.
Me: You going to see the Quakes Saturday?
Friend: Not till they wear their OG San Jose colors.

Me: You going to see the Quakes Saturday?
Friend: No, I live in San Jose???
by Jinky 67 December 09, 2008
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A City Located In The South Bay. Home Of Cesar Chavez, And Nortenos. Scraps Net Bang The City, But Are Afraid To Bang On Streets Like King And Story. San Jose Is One Of The Best Cities In The Bay Area, And Now Has The Biggest Population In Northern California. Here In San Jose, You Will Find 4 Malls. And Sexy San Jose Chicas Reppin Their City With Sharks Apparel. Home Of Thee Killa Sharks. Don't Fuck With People From San Jose. They're Bad Tempered If You Piss Them Off. There's Alot Of Things To Do In San Jose. The Best Place To Spend Cinco De Mayo At. Lowriders. Thats What San Jo's All About.
Hyna1: What You Bee Reppin? Rep The Hood Bitch.
Hyna2: I'm From East Side San Jose BITCH, Now Get The Fuck Outta Ma Face.
by sonrizaz408 February 14, 2010
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