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San Mateo High!!! Better known as Mateoooo(: Well theres not much of a definition besides it being the most amazing spectacular pimp daddy school. Its the boss of all the schools. Its waaay better then all the other schools known to man. Its way cooler then aragon, hillsdale, and burlingame combined. They have the most spirit and the coolest students. The teachers there are amazing and soo is the staff. like waadup(: this is the school that hates on that one school full of white bitches(cough cough burlingame) and yeaa its just the best school ever and if you dont go there you a loser!!!
Kevin:Hey what school do you go to?

Tom:San Mateo High School

Kevin:oh your automatically cool...
by full of SWAG December 15, 2011
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A public high school in San Mateo county that is the epitome of ghetto Mexicans, with some try hard asians, and a couple rich whites sprinkled in. Rare to go to school and not hear any threats from said mexicans. Not to mention always cops around so good luck trying to smoke anything at all. School colors are black and orange which are pretty ugly. Not to mention their ass football team
Jack: "Dude my shoes just got stripped!"
Carlos: "Let me guess you were hanging around San Mateo Highschool again."
by WaterConsumer May 17, 2018
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