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A condition affecting many heterosexual males living within major urban centers such as San Francisco, USA and Vancouver, Canada that have demographics of both a disproportionately high population of gay men and a disproportionately high ratio of single women over single straight men.

With such demographics ostensibly in their favor, a surprisingly small number of single straight men in such centers take pleasure in the availability of so many single women.

Rather, the single straight males afflicted with the San Francisco Syndrome become intimidated, resentful and reclusive, refusing to socialize in such demographics, preferring to remain at home playing with their remote controls.

This leads to the single women becoming more and more independent, more friendly with gay men, and generally (if not totally content) far more prepared to remain single.

Which in turn leads to a further schizm with the absent single males, often leading to their feelings of general insecurity, misogyny and homophobia.

The result is the three most prominent social groups found in such cities: gay men, their single women friends and the absentee, almost invisible single straight males.
It sure is great for us girls to get out of the city once in a while. Not only do we get to breathe in some healthy, clean country air, but we can also finally meet some self-confident, sexy straight single men who aren't suffering from the San Francisco Syndrome.
by Juniper V November 23, 2009
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