At one time a very popular restaurant chain in the USA. Famous for thier Pancakes & not famous for the name which in fact was the FIRST two names of the chian's cofounders Sam & Bo (Sam+Bo=Sambo's) Not to be confused with the story "Little Black Sambo" at first they had the charater from "Little Black Sambo" then replaced him with with a young lad in Eastern India attire (Since tigers are more native to India NOT Africa as the book "Little Black Sambo" took place). Later the little boy was replaced with several young tiger cubs & they were replaced with a cartoon cook aptly named Sam. Even though the restaurant chain ceased to exist One on remains in the city of Santa Barbra California.
I remebered when I was a kid we used to stop at Sambo's before we when on our family car trip.
by BruinKiller3469 March 22, 2009
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A form of Martial Arts created by the Russian Military. A cross between Jujitsu and Wrestling.
Viktor trains in Sambo and is now a black belt. Do not piss him off
by Brendan January 08, 2005
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From Swedish:
1. n. a person to whom one is in a serious, committed, cohabiting relationship.

2. adj. describing a couple which is committed and cohabitating but remaining unmarried.
"Sara is more than my girlfriend, she is my sambo."

"I moved in with Sara, so now we are sambo."
by AdamB33 January 14, 2009
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this word is like nigger. it is a derogitive word for a black person, popularised by the 70's british tv show love thy neighbour.
can also mean a black doll similar to a gollywog.
"Listen Jamal, I like you but what's the missus gonna say when she finds out we've got sambo's living next door?"
by Master Dan McCabe January 02, 2004
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Adj. A describing word. used to catergorize certain ethnic groups
Sambo was a lazy coon,
who went to slepp in the afternoon,
so tired was he,
Oh! So tired was he,
he was lying on his back when along came a bee,
a fucking great bumble bee etc.
by KKK March 31, 2005
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Swahili for 'my friend'
'ahh askari sambo'

ahh my soldier friend.
by Murdoc November 08, 2003
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Sambo means cross-breeding of a Negro and Native Americans. It comes from Spanish "los ambos", meaning "the both" or "the others". Historically it came into being along with mulatto (cross-breeding of white and Negro) and mestizo (cross-breeding of white and Native Americans). More properly spelled zambo
Only a nigger would think that sambo is a racial slur.
Cross-breeding to create sambos or mulattoes is like mixing clean water with dirty water - you just get more dirty water.
by Kudu Slagter September 30, 2006
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