She is a beautiful girl. Her smile can brighten anyones day.. shes an amazing dancer and a great friend. her eyes are gorgeous. there are barly any words to describe her. Beautful, stunning, jaw dropping, gorgeous, all of these and more define her. And Danielle loves you :$
by danibani August 20, 2011
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Usually, people call her "Sam," or sometimes "Sami." Normally, Sams' are short and petite. She is tough, super loyal and loves the arts (i.e. singing, acting, writing.) She is tiny and blonde, and loves giraffes. Bubbly and spontaneous, and jealous, but super loyal. A little insecure but doesn't let it show. Tries to be nice to everyone but often gets in trouble for her fiery spirit and quick temper/sharp wit. She can be kinda blonde, but is usually extremely smart and sharp witted. A larger than life personality.
She's such a Samantha
by greenteah August 29, 2014
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Samantha is a name popular in The States especially. In Arabic terms it translates as 'listener'. Women and men with the name Samantha are very sexy. They have nice hair and, the best pout. Most of all, they always have big, beautiful bums. They are kind and generous, always loving. Samantha's love their family very much, and have a wide range of friends, with one best friend they will cherish always. They have the most spectacular eyes. Although they may not be the cleverest of the bunch, their humour and love for life will help them grow into a successful, glamorous adult! Although they look sweet on the outside, Samantha's can wrap you around their fingers like an Angelina Jolie, and are the ultimate sex bombs at bed. Samantha's will give you the sexiest relationship you could ever ask for; making them the ultimate girlfriends/boyfriends.
Tim: Hey honey, how are you?
Samantha: *kisses him*
Tim: Time for bed!
Samantha: ;)๐Ÿ˜‰
Tim: :0๐Ÿ˜ฎ
by Splutnik March 30, 2015
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A girl who is not a skank, but is very attractive and lovable, She has an adorable face too.
Guy 1:Dude my girlfriends very attractive
Guy 2:is she a skank?
Guy 1:Nope, shes a samantha
by ! ParkerPants September 16, 2008
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An feminate name created in the Antebellum South that was popular among African slaves. Samantha is a combination of the Arabic/African name Samad and the Greek suffix โ€“antha which put together means Eternal Flower.
Samantha is a beautiful name and it's meaning is often listed incorrectly in baby name books.
by OneBadAsp October 17, 2006
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Girl with the cutest average size ears. Also, the most stunning woman you could ever meet.
That's girl is so hot, she must be a Samantha.
by Loved by Sam November 21, 2010
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walking godess, with a huge, hugeeeeee ass
"omg what is that huge round beautiful bedind?"

"It's definitely a Samantha"

by kassandra El Souki February 21, 2009
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