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One of the hottest fucking sci-fi cahracters in the past 30 years, played by the ever talented Amanda Tapping.

Smart yet attractive, she is the male (and some female) nerd's wet dream come to life. Her brain is only matched by her chest, which slowly but surely became more pronounced as the Stargate SG1 series carried on.

When a sci-fi geek labels a woman (or should the good lord be so giving) his g/f as a Samantha Carter, it is considered one of the greatest possible compliments the geek can give the woman in question.
Geek 1 to Geek 2: "Dude, that girl I sat next to in Calc 3 class is such a Samantha Carter"

Geek 2 to Geek 1: "Yeah, but just like S.C, she's well beyond your reach"

Geek 1: "Yeah, I know. But that's why I made a replicator version of her"

Geek 2: " a copy?"
by Just some semi-nerd February 08, 2011
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