The guy who cut me off slammed on his brakes, so I gave him a Bronx salute.
by technocat11 December 1, 2010
When a person without a mustache gives a person with a mustache some sort of a sign of respect for his sweet stache.

Originated in 2001, by Krampack, as a way to salute El Stachio when arriving at his well. The original salute consisted of sliding one's index finger slowly across their upper lip, in an arched manner.
"That guy has been rocking his stache since High School, so I always give him a proper Stache Salute."

"I always give him mad props with a Stache Salute."
by El Stachio February 6, 2010
As it applies to the infamous Jersey drivers, this salute is usually given with some road rage and foul language
by Jess February 27, 2005
1) When a man encounters a beautiful woman (Or man, if that's your thing), he gives her a raise of his third leg in honor of her beauty.

2) A salute from downstairs.
"Hey, Steve. Do you have a cucumber in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Neither, Rick. I just saw thing hot girl, and I had to give her a pants salute."
by Jeriphro November 4, 2016
It is a salute enacted by slowly raising your hand while shaking it. This gesture is used to express and pay tribute to the awesomeness of person or his/her deeds.
Me: I have always followed my heart.
Her: Shaky salute for that!
by "Nag" February 14, 2015
When girls hold up their pinkie fingers, to wag at a guy who has a small penis, doing so in humiliation.
That girl just gave the guy driving the Red Ferrari the pinkie salute! He must have a small dick.
by March 7, 2009
Another way of waving,saying Hi!,saying thanks,acknowledging a compliment,whilst wearing goggles of any type doing any activity.The goggle salute is done by grasping the lower part of lense frame {right or left} with thumb and upper part with middle finger and moving goggle outwards about 1-2 cm a few times in a jaunty and care free fasion.Usualy accompanied with a smirk,eyebrow arch or other smart-ass look.
"Sebulba gave the un-ruly crowd a Goggle Salute before the start of the Boonta Eve Classic pod race."

" The leggy blonde gave me a sly smile as I rode passed on my Harley.I gave her a fast Goggle Salute then roared off."
by BEAS. May 18, 2007