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Salt Lake City is the capitol and largest city in Utah. While famous as the headquarters of the LDS church, Salt Lake is only about 40% mormon.

Salt Lake is one of the few liberal/democratic areas in the predominantly republican state.

Salt Lake is close to the mountains, so the area has great recreation. Many residents ski, snowboard, hike, etc.

I really enjoyed living in Salt Lake. Its a beautiful city with great people. There is always something going on, like free concerts, or drum circles, or festivals. Plus, they have a really nice transportation system, so its easy to get around, even if you dont have a car.
I cant wait to move back to Salt Lake City, UT!
by Jess256 January 27, 2009
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Greatest fuckin city in the USA. Too many god damn mormans. There is nothing to do, gets too cold then too hot in about one week. Yuppies are everywhere. Good hot rod scence. Punk scence rules the west. When bands from out of state come here they usually get beat up. I.E. Dropkick Murphys a few years ago and Casualities a few weeks ago.
Fuck LA, Boston, and New York; This is salt Lake.
There are a lot of losers in salt lake city, ut
by ALcore September 26, 2006
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A staunch LDS community recognized around the world for it's Mormon Temple, the city's founder, Brigham Young, wide streets, the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, snowcapped mountains, the Great Salt Lake, and 3.2% beer.
"Salt Lake City, UT, is an 8-hour drive from Sin City."

"Salt Lake City, UT, is the land of Zion."

by Tagman77 January 25, 2004
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