Defined as: Noun: What your ass turns into after partaking in a fast food lunch. It is also another way of saying diarrhea. The end result is your ass spackling a toilet wall with shit. This term is coined after the famous hand operated kitchen utensil sold on TV in the 80's which "shot" salad from a small orifice.
Damn that supposedly healthy sandwich I just ate made me run to the bathroom for a salad shooter experience.
by E2thaP2thaMD September 08, 2008
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an incarcerated person primarily responsible for the tossing of the cell blocks salads
damn that salad shooter be having a long ass tongue
by h3l1x December 31, 2002
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In the gay community, the 2nd Lieutenant to a Gaybo Watson, but not quite yet of the Fagasaurus Rex stature. A Salad Shooter is often delegated more menial tasks, such as eating ass and rubbing Ben Gay on sore rump roasts. Alas, the Salad Shooter must earn his keep the old fashioned gay way if he ever hopes to achieve Fagasaurus Rex super stardom.
"Garth, when in the world is Bootsie Bob gonna promote you? Sweetheart, you've been a Salad Shooter for way too long!"
by Scotty Smith October 30, 2007
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When one is smoking pot through a one-hitter or pipe and sucks in a chunk of ash.
Ackk! Cough ! Cough ! Dude, I just got a total salad shooter off of that.
by Tim Maiani January 15, 2009
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when yo man be eatin sum salads n good shit...it be makin his cum taste good
He bust a fat ass nut all up in a bitches mouth. Tastn good like a salad shoota n shit.
by fo my pizz da playa September 09, 2003
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