The highly anticipated sequel to the original 1999 movie, The Boondock Saints. It was released on October 30, 2009 exclusively to only 67 theaters nationwide; however, expanded to additional theaters in November and again in December.

Due to the first movie practically becoming an instant cult classic, there was much hesitation from the fans who were both eager and skeptic to watch it. Yet, astoundingly enough, the writer and director, Troy Duffy, managed to produce a sequel that was equally as incredible as the first. (Though, the first will always win due to the fact that it was the film that started it all, the second one exceeded just about everyones expectations).

Future viewers can anticipate the following from this film: references to every major scene and joke from the first film, appearances and cameos of ALL (yes, that is somewhat a spoiler) the same characters from the first (including the bartender with Tourette's syndrome and Rocco's girlfriends cat!), do not fret over the addition of a seemingly attractive FBI agent for there is still no underlying theme of a romance (which is yet another reason most people adored the original film), and the anticipation of a third film to be made!
Whoa, the sequel to The Boondock Saints, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, far exceeded my expectations and I now officially adore them both!
by mlvd742 December 8, 2009
When a man gets lucky at the gay bar on a Sunday night and gets so well rogered he doesn't go in to work on the Monday. His day off is known in the gay community as Saint Briggsy's Day.
I went home with two fat black trannies last night and my arse is rawer than sushi. I'm gonna have a Saint Briggsy's Day.
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland September 11, 2006
English term for St Patrick's Day, as an Irish person would never say this.
Trump, Saint Paddy's Day isn't spelt with a double "t" you Muppet. And take that stupid cap off. You look like an eejit.
by PokeyD March 10, 2017
St Patrick's day is held on March 17th.
It is the date that Saint Patrick died. Saint Patrick is the man who is said to have introduced the catholic religion to Ireland. He tried to explain "the trinity" (3 people in the one god) with a three leafed plant called a shamrock. Hence the shamrock has significance for the day. Originally the day was important only in Ireland but because of the large numbers of Irish people who emigrated abroad and the colorfulness of the celebration the tradition spread around the world.
In Ireland St. Patrick's day is celebrated with a parade of floats, bands and marchers in each towns main street. Unfortunately because of the time of the year it invariably rains on the day.
by Greg March 18, 2004
A day when you gather around a keg of Guinness and drink like there's no tomorrow.
Bill Lumbergh: "Yeah, and I'd like to remind you that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, so if you'd like to, you can go ahead and come to work...uh...shit-faced. Yeah, that'd be greeaat."
by Nick D March 19, 2004
Saint Alecsgiving Day is the 42nd day in the month of Spetember. It is the day we all gather around an excellent meal of appetizers and sing traditional mandolin tunes to remember the feats of the pilgrims and the first winter after their dirigible touched down in 1492.
If the pilgrims had landed in Hawaii, we would never have been able to celebrate Saint Alecsgiving Day!
by perseus287 April 25, 2011
one of the better holidays, where people who aren't even irish pretend to be, and everyone gets drunk.
On Saint Patrick's Day, we all wore green hats and drank whiskey
by IrishRepublicanArmy March 8, 2004