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A small town in Marion County, Oregon. City motto: "Welcome to Saint Paul - Marion County's Smallest Gene Pool"

The town is also well known for it's cowboy on a bucking bronco logo. It's on everything that will accept an image. Paper, street signs, banners, and tattoos in unmentionable places.

The city has an unusual affinity for garbage. Each year the town holds an annual "Trail Ride" a couple of weeks before the rodeo, and invites people from far and wide to ride their horses through the streets of town leaving piles of fragrant "road apples" for the residents to deal with.

After the rodeo, city residents are no doubt thrilled to see piles of rotting garbage arouind their city park, empty beer bottles and cans everywhere, and aromatic puddles of vomit left by inebriated rodeo fans who've taken off their "cowboy duds" and left town for another year.
Saint Paul, Oregon is a great place to get drunk at the trail ride and watch my horse poop in the street.
by Komissar Mxyzptlk November 05, 2009
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