Free beer in Ireland (Lucky sons of bitches), a whole load of pinching for those who don't wear green in other countries. Stupid leprechaun cunts.
The next kid who pinches me for not wearing green, I'll fucking devour you and your mom.
by The Robinator March 25, 2004
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The feast day of the patron saint of ireland. Great because you get off school and/or work (in Ireland at least) and you have an excuse to swear a lot, drink a lot and be patriotic to the emerald isle. The parades are brilliant craic and remember to wear green... =

Stupid if you're not actually irish, only pretending. You're not irish if your great great great granny emigrated from dublin in 1709. =
"Are ye coming down to the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Cork?"
"Aye, what's it got for me?"
"Drink, girls and a load o' craic"
by hermanthevikingfish March 18, 2008
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An unnecessary day hosted with irregular attacks like pinching causing caustic blood drips.

Also a celebration for the long supressed Irish - another addition to holidays celebrating Americas loving for i-am-sorry-for-hurting-you-oppression.
Example One
"Bitch Ima piench ye ass."
Example Two
"Sorry my Irish bitch I did not mean to skin you."
by isuckaeye March 17, 2004
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A holiday where everyone is Irish and can vomit copious amounts of green puke in public places.
Chico and Hertzel decorated my stoop with green puke for Saint Patrick's Day.
by chicadona March 18, 2008
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an excuse for tiny, ginger irish men to be noticed, as they never are because they are so small they sometimes get stepped on. this is disguised as a holiday in which teachers mess up their classrooms and lie to children.
"are you drunk?"
"yea, but its thanksgiving"
saint patricks day :)
via giphy
by dirty leprechaun man November 30, 2019
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