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'Neath a grove of stately oak trees, these girls grow up surrounded by the best of what Raleigh has to offer. With highly educated teachers and the finest cuisine, the young women are given opportunities like no other. Along with the educated teacher, these "saints" are able to meet the a-listers of the world... like Cokie Roberts. After her visit, many girls were heard saying, "Cokie for President" or "Theo Rules". Make fun all you want, but we don't see Cokie speaking at Broughton.
guy 1: hey, who is that hot girl?
guy 2: oh, she goes to SMS.
by Mary February 15, 2005
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St. Mary's School an all girls college prep school, grades 9- 12, use to be an Jr. College, switched to highschool in 1998. St. Mary's School has known to bring out the finest women in every aspect. They are known for their classy dress,seamless beauty, constant smoking of cigarttes, and endless flow of money. They are girls whom any boy could take home to, meet their mother as well as to meet their bed. Charming boys from Ravenscroft, Broughton, and Woodberry, St. Marys girls, have no problem going to an all girls school saying "We don't need boys we're doing just fine with yours."--- They also have no problem defending themselves after being called a bitch saying things like.... "Excuse me, I go to an all girls private school, I'm aloud to be a stuck up bitch." A good St. Mary's girl would never be caught with out their, St. Mary's ring, perals and sevens.
Seen around Raleigh driving Land Rovers, sining to classic beach music.
by sharp December 14, 2004
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Saint Mary's School includes the finest young women of the U.S. They are known for being beautiful, smart, and fabulously wealthy! The girls of Saint Mary's have no problem with there being no boys at the school, who needs their own when they can just have yours?
Guy 1: Yo dude, who is that bad girl over there?
Guy 2: She goes to Saint Mary's
by M. T. S. February 17, 2005
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Saint Mary's is a school wher you have a good time and meet friends for the rest of your life. Now some may say that all of the girls that go here are rich and are sluts. I admit there are some sluts and the girls here are deffinatly not poor and lots of the girls have sex....a lot but, in SMS's deffense some of the girls here are actually nice and just because you own a brand name of jeans doesn't make you a snob!! Have you all ever seen the inside world? I have infact i'm in it right now!! There are gothics, punks, outcasts, and just plain fun girls! Most the teachers are funny and great, it's a normal school with differnt groups of people. Here girls can dress down and i wear sweat pants and a t-shirt to school. Even though the day students don't have quite the connection to other students as boarding students do they are included too........ Boarding here has brought me closer to people and shown me the side of them that i wouldn't have know. I've learned to be a more open person thanks to SMS but even with all of this i'm still not coming back next year so BYEBYE SMS!!! p.s. it gets kind of lonley with out boys i can't even look a guy in the eye now!!!
"if you go to SMS you could be walking down the street and someone hugs you from behind you know to say 'So you go to St. Mary's to?'"
by GABBERS!! May 08, 2005
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SMS is one of the top educators in the South. Not only are all the girls there classy and smart...they are also really fun and sweet. And although SMS girls are know for their preppy attire (Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Jack Rogers ect.) if you go there for one day you will realize that that is not what we are all about (most of the girls wear sweatpants and T Shirts every day) most of us are ginuenly nice and down to earth. And even though we are from an all girls school we are not desprate (we have no problem getting guys).
Guy 1: who is that classy, beutiful girl
Guy 2: oh she goes to Saint Mary's School
Guy 1: wow she is out of my league
by SMSgirl January 17, 2009
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SMS girls are just wanna be bitches. They are just looking for any way to get laid, not intrested in any sort of long time relationships. They can often be spotted wearing UGG boots (often seen worn by celebrities), 7's jeans, and driving around the greater Raleigh area in their Land Rovers or 04/05 Mustangs. The only reason they are fast talking, is to up hold the well known reputation of previous SMS girls back when it was a college as well as high school. These girls were born into wealthy ass families and will probably never have to work a day in their life (living off parents or marrying on of their one night standers from Woodberry or Ravenscroft or Broughton).
SMS girl: "Oh My F'ing God there is dirt on the bottom of my UGGS. Oh well i'll just get my dad to transfer me some money and go by a new pair"
by noña February 20, 2005
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