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All girls Catholic high school in St Louis, Missouri.

Best in sports, best in partying, and best in $$$$$$

Well known for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and field hockey especially.

One thousand times greater than their lower-class NoCo rivals incarnate word.
Who are you guys playing tomorrow?

Saint Joseph Academy

Oh... that sucks.
by angels4lyfe May 28, 2010
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A private school located in Brownsville, Texas near the border to Mexico. Filled with party animals because it has the biggest high school parties in the RGV. It is a Marist school with a message to serve the community and give back. Places an emphasize on girl's skirts and teachers are often more concerned when it comes to that than in cheating or copying. Often abbreviated SJA for short.
Mr. Saint: *Hands detention slip*
Girl student: Mr. Saint, what for? Is it for me because of cheating or plagiarism?

Mr. Saint: No, you cannot wear short skirts to Saint Joseph Academy. That is the most unacceptable action here at SJA, even more than cheating or plagiarism.
by This_guy00 July 03, 2018
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