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A specific style of porn -- almost always existing as stag films and isolated porn clips -- that begins as a gangbang of multiple men and one woman, but eventually phases out the woman's role and devolves into male gay porn. The term "sailor porn" is used as a descriptor because of the perception that a large number of men in the Navy are homosexual.
I once found this old porn tape at my uncle's, and it had these four guys fucking one girl, but then the girl was gone and it went on with just the guys for like, twenty minutes. I asked my friend about it years later, and he said, "Oh, that was sailor porn!"

Man, this place is such a sausage fest. I don't even want to hit on the one hot chick here because I'm worried this'll turn into some serious sailor porn after too much vodka
by Talmanes November 05, 2010
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