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Usually found in Sagittarians (hence the name), it is a largely undiagnosed affliction that causes the sufferer to speak in a voice that others perceive as being curt, blunt, annoyed, disinterested, or rude, when to the sufferer it is just normal speaking voice. Saggi voice is most prominent when a sufferer is asking or responding to a question. It is also quite common during phone conversations or in some face to face interactions. Saggi voice has been attributed to problems between loved ones. It is also especially problematic in the workplace.
Waiter: hi what will you have?
Me: a cap no sugar and a flat white, 1 sugar thanks
You: oh great now they'll spit in the coffees
Me: why
You: because you just snapped at him, you sounded like you were reprimanding him.
Me: no I didn't,did I? That's just my saggi voice, I can't help it
You: well look at them over there glaring at us, lets just go.
by tea_with_satan April 14, 2010
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