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Main Entry: Saddlebag Titties
Function: Noun

When a woman with Big Country Titties takes off her bra and lies on her back, her sagging tits are pulled by gravity to either side of her torso, thus they look like a pair of saddlebags on a horse and resemble mammery glands but little.
Tit Lover#1: Dude! How'd the cans look on the one you took home last night?

Tit Lover#2: Meh, she got naked, on her back, and blamo! Saddlebag titties! After that, my wobbly bits went soft on me.

Tit Lover#1: For fucks sake man! All you had to do was cup them back into Big Country Titties with your hands fool!

Tit Lover#2: Well Shit Man Damn!
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009
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