A reference to the more popular term, "blue balls" in two ways:
1:When someone is blue they are often said to be sad
2:Your balls will be sad if they do not recieve stimulation to the point of ejaculation. Thus making them sad. Which could also cause you to cry.
Guy:That stupid gf of mine gave me sad balls and it hurts like hell!!!
Girl:I'm still in the room you asshole!!!

Dude 1:Dude she said we were gonna fuck but her parents got home early and I got major sad balls.
Dude2: So what did you do?
Dude1:I fucked her mom instead.
by The Pulverizer April 09, 2011
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A ball made from loose items around a store in which a person works. The ball represents all of the hardships one must go through while working a dead end job at minumum wage for at least 3 years. It may be decorated with pictures of sad faces.

Traditional items used for assembly: Shrink Wrap, Windex, paper, parperclips, a child's shoe, flammable liquid, and/or ass pennies.

Sad Batt is not included.
1st pissed off employee: Shit man. I hate my job. Let's make a sad ball and fucking through at the store.

2nd pissed off employee: Fuck man. Let's put some lighter fluid in that shit and set it on fire.

Hilarity ensues.
by John McClendon January 28, 2007
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