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1. Probably the most amazing girl you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Her smile is contagious, and and she has a certain way of lighting up the room she's in. She is extremely intelligent, more than she can even realize, sometimes she is so eloquent it makes you feel stupid, but in a good way. Her eyes are beautiful not only aesthetically but you get an overwhelming feeling from looking at them. She's absolutely gorgeous, but don't tell her because she doesn't like to hear it very often. Unfortunately this definition is inapt and does not even come close to explaining her amazingness.

2. A panda posing as a human and living amongst human society. Tend to be very jealous of sorcerers.
1. Sabrina Eleani is fucking GANGSTA status.

2."Damn, did you see that chick? She looked straight up Sabrina Eleani status with that bamboo in her paws."
by Youalreadyknow? February 04, 2010
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