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These camshafts originally came from the Japanese spec SR16VE N1 engine, manufactured by Nissan Motor Company. These engines were built from 1997-1998 as a specially built variant of the SR16VE engine, tuned by Autech Japan and Nissan. The N1 spec engine was produced in a very limited run of approximately 1000 engines and was originally produced for the Nissan Pulsar VZR N1 automobile.

Owners of Nissan SR20VE and SR16VE powered vehicles consider the N1 camshafts a serious upgrade in performance over the regular 1.6L and 2.0L cams. The smooth ramp profile on the lobes of these cams allow the VE motor to be 'revved out' to 8500 RPM on stock springs and much higher when aftermarket valve springs/retainers are added to the mix.

Some Nissan parts distributors still sell these cams BNIB despite the fact that this N1 spec engine is no longer being produced. It is one of the cheapest power upgrades you can do to your stock SR20VE engine. Often times, you can see a gain of atleast 15 horsepower with this modification alone.

SR16VE N1 Camshafts FTMFW!!!
1) Hey man, I just dropped some N1's into my SR20VE engine. I can't wait to rev this thing to the moon!!!

2) Question: I need some more power from my Nissan NEOVVL engine, what can I do?

Answer: Drop some SR16VE N1 Camshafts in to the engine and you will feel the power my friend!
by B15NEOVVL January 08, 2012
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