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Special Needs Yard. California prison yards for inmates deemed no good because of bad paperwork, funny charges, dropping out, snitching, etc. Certain prisons in California are all-SNY (e.g., Mule Creek).
Ex. 1

"The sick part about it is that guy is probably a heavy duty popular guy on the SNY yard...And people wonder why people like me and you can't see ourselves going to some freakin' SNY yard. How can you program with those people? How can you not kill them?"

J.D. Rutherford, Prison Break Raw, May 31, 2020

Ex. 2

Lazy: Hey homey! Savag3 just rang the bell! It went 'DING'! He's just won a one-way trip to SNY!

Creeper: I knew that guy had some funny paperwork!

Lazy: Yeah. He got busted committing lewd acts on surveillance camera at a Walmart in Yucca Valley! You shoulda seen the look on the llavero's face when he read that shit! They threw his ass off the tier 'American Me' style.

Creeper: He'll be an SNY celebrity among all them diaper snipers, necrophiliacs, and rats!
by ZXY&ABC July 14, 2020
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Bay Area slang describing one who is exclusive, two faced, talks shit, wretched, and ungrateful. This word is never used in a good manner. No one likes someone who is sny. Also used to describe something that gives off bad vibes. Do not confuse this with sly.
Wow that bitch is sny.

Don't be a sny hoe.

That's hella sny.
by lil og November 25, 2013
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A township slang word for a foolish person.
A boy who doesn't know how to change a tire is a sny.
by PhenomZA June 18, 2020
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Unnecessarily venomous, mean and often disproportionately talking down on others.
Wow, Patrick is being really sny this morning; I wonder what happened?
by Wolf Forester April 21, 2018
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Anuther word for heavi...
Ahh dat sny tune boyyyyyyy
by Da one man ollas May 10, 2003
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