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Pronounced "Shaft", as in Samuel L. Jackson's role in the blockbuster motion picture "Shaft".

Rating system for date-able women. A woman's SHAFTT rating measures the ability of her physical attributes to earn her a meeting with your mother, and ultimately, a long term relationship.

Significant scientific research at Bro U has determined that this is the MOST accurate measure for a woman's "hotness"

Auxiliarily a measure of her ability to attract shaft, or male attention.

An acronym describing her physical attributes in no particular order.

S - Stomach
H - Hips
A - Ass
F - Face
T - Thighs

Each of these categories is rated on a 5 star rating, based on that particular male's taste, or preference.
Athleticly built woman, effortlessly beautiful face, fantastic ass, wide hips, chest leaves something to be desired.

SHAFTT rating (5 stars max):

S - 5
H - 4
A - 5
F - 5
T - 4
T - 2*

*Shitty, but not as devastating as a 2 for an ass...
by 3headedLeBronster May 21, 2011
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