This is a really great day. S/N: I can't wait to go to that concert later.
by T_Squar3d April 6, 2011
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whats you s/n on aim?
by mad at the world February 28, 2003
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s/n short for screen name as in an internet name used for talkin with freinds or family. usally therer r aim or aol s/n or yahoo sn s
i have a s/n for aim and yahoo
by monkeybutt March 25, 2005
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a name used for instant messageing . Usally aol s/n or yahoo s/n
Wat is your s/n for aim. mine is eveildude399
by monkeybutt March 30, 2005
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An abbreviation for "shit and shower." The act of defecating prior to a shower, usually in preparation for something one would like to be relaxed for.
"Hey you wanna chill out tonight and watch a movie?"

"Yeah sure. I'm just gonna S n' S and we'll pick one out."
by SweatyPalmsPete July 11, 2008
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A recently released object show released on youtube from maules, episode 1A was released on Jan 31, 2023.
Description of the video
"when charger block dies with no option for recovery, he must learn how to adapt in the never ending afterlife with his operator and friend."

oh yeah and fyi S*N is pronounced sun
"When is LOVE OF THE S*N episode 1B going to be released?"
"I have no idea! But I hope It's soon since 1A looks epic!1!1!1!"
by @testbulbrush on tt February 6, 2023
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The first line of the Tally Hall song, &. The song was released on the Good & Evil album. In the lyrics, it is purposely spelled with an asterisk as the line (either sun or son) is up to interpretation.
“Have you heard of Love of the S*n?”
“The show?”
“No idiot the song lyric made by the best band ever
by BloofTheFeline May 1, 2023
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