Short for the sexual activity called "Spaghetti & Meatballs"

To make one's hard noodle limp by having sex with a girl on her period. Very large and hairy balls required.

You get it, spaghetti and meatballs.
Ay yo girl, you wanna try my S&M?
by BoysIsBitches February 23, 2011
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sadism & masochism

Where two or more people team up. One, "S" inflicts pain and/or dominates the other, the "M". Often people use whips, gags, and handcuffs to help. Also see bondage.
She asked if I was interested in S&M.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
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S$M has many different meanings but to get to the simplest form it means... Slave and master
Ready for some S & M tonight u sexy beast
by vigideo September 04, 2005
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Sex and mothafuckin money !!!!!
Jaelynn: You want some S&M?
Joe: S&M??
Jaelynn: Yeah nigga sex and money. So do you want it or NAHH ??
by Kiss My A$$ !!! February 26, 2014
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According to Queer Duck S&M means Sun & Moon
Kids: We were looking at your copy of out magazine, what does S&M mean?
Queer Duck: S... Sun & Moon!
by Sofanda Cox November 07, 2006
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1. Metallica Album that has their most famous songs accompanied with an orchestra.
Master of Puppets is good on S & M, but they tuned it a fucking half-step down...
by squash lemming March 28, 2006
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