Definition 1: an innocent looking girl who uses her evil evil ways to manipulate and control everyone who falls pray to her innocent act.

Definition 2: a tool; loser; (cunt?).

Definition 3: a lesser human being than one Veezy F Baby.
Definition 1:

Person 1: But if I do that I'll get in a lot of trouble and might even end up in jail.
S Bleezy: PLEASEE = (does voice)
Person 1: okay.

Definition 2:

Person 1: Is that an S Bleezy over there doing what vaguely resembles the WAKA dance?
Person 2: Yeah, I hear it's the only dance she can do because she sucks at both the dougie and the reject.
Person 1: word. WAKAAA!

Definition 3:

Person 2: HELL NAHH!! BUT Veezy F Baby is DOPEEEEE AS HELL!!!
Person 1: YOU RIGHT YOU RIGHT!!! Veezy F Baby and the D is for Fhenomenal
Person 2: SOPEEE
by Veezy F Baby November 26, 2010
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