pronounced saa:

Is short for Samoan (Saa-moan).

Also used to describe anything with a Samoan flavor, ie Sareggae (Samoan Reggae) and Safro (Samoan Afro)
Toa: Hey man, are you Sa' ?
Guy: Nah man, im Tongan!
Toa: Oh cool ...
by FoBBSHizzLe September 15, 2005
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Socially Awkward/ A Person who is Socially Awkward.

These people will deny the fact that they truly are S-A
Megan: "Hi you've reached Margaret I don't um.. *awkward giggle*...Oh My God I hate you goodbye!"

Margaret: Dude, Megan you're such an S-A!
by FlotationDevice November 09, 2008
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men and women need a quick snappy word to call a female bro, thus this is a complex transliteration of the word sister to sista to sa.

a chill girl who won't be offended at the subject of conversation at bro chill n grills

an independent minded woman, but not a sinister one.
Hey, call our sa over right now. We're pregaming our nature walk.

I don't even know why you think I can be your petty wing man! I'm a sa for fuck's sake!

Sas are better than bros, because they have feelings.
by le_chacal December 29, 2010
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Who you tryin get crazy with SA? Don't you know I'm loco?
by Will March 15, 2005
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SA is short for Seduction Abduction, a term coined during the summer of 2009 as a means to describe a desire to abduct, then seduce, actor Jackson Rathbone. Since, SA has morphed into a society for single, vampy ladies ferociously going after men of their choosing. It is a source of support and inspiration for the sexually frustrated and emotionally deprived.

SA is also a rallying cry similar to "you go, girl."
"I'm going to see the ginger tomorrow!"
"Woo! SA SA SA!"
by Brittnaay December 08, 2009
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