Ryan is the guy who cares about you,but only when he’s in a good mood.He is very short and I mean really short,shorter then everybody in his class.He cares for those he loves but gets upset pretty easy.He is annoying and makes very bad jokes.He has a brother that hates him because he’s that annoying.You might be wondering how I know this.Its because im that Ryan.
Person 1:Omg that guy is so annoying and short
Person 2:He’s probably A Ryan
by ^^^You Know who I am^^^ October 11, 2019
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A weird kid that is was one at basketball and baseball and lives Nba2k20 and wants the Astros to win the World Series
Hey you know that kid Ryan that is better then you at 2k
by Hydro flasksksksk October 30, 2019
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A Ryan is a guy who's most likely white with brown curly hair and poor vision. He's super cute and sweet but can be mean to people he doesn't like and he can be super sarcastic but he's usually really funny and everyone loves him. Ryan's typically tend to like bland food and they highly dislike garlic!
Kaley: hey Ryan you want some of my delicious pasta I made with tons of CARE and FLAVOR?
Ryan: no way! I hate flavor... ill just stick to my dry pasta noodles topped with Parmesan cheese and nothing else.
by GIRLHEART300 February 03, 2021
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Ryan is the most clever person you will meet in your life. Ryan is very competitive, when it comes to a contest. He will try his hardest to impress people. He is stubborn, angered easily, cute and kind. He keeps everything bottled up, but when he explodes don't get in his way. Ryan is extremely resourceful and has a lot perseverance, so if he fails at something he just takes another shot until he succeeds. He's not a fan of small children, yet they seem to adore him.
' look at that boy winning."
'He must be a Ryan, their so good at everything they try.'
by Dinner Dude September 22, 2020
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A small dude with a very weird sense of humor honestly annoying at some point but is a great friend, seems like he’s white but Mexican some how
Oh shit here comes Ryan”
Eh he’s sorta cool”
by Xavier’s Ugly69 April 30, 2019
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