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A Russian pardon is a blessing given to any act of drunkeness, homosexual encounters, wife swapping or in general being a filthy low life cunt.

Named as such as many Russians seem to like same sex (but its not gay) relations as well as wife beating and drunken drug infested rampages
Mr Cross : "Where is Viktor?"

Mr Denver: "Hes just finished smoking the skin flute of Nicholas"

Mr Cross: "What a fucking homo"

Mr Denver: "No, he has given himself a Russian pardon on that one"

Mr Cross "What do you mean Mr Denver - a Russian pardon?"

Mr Denver : "He insisted it wasnt gay as he didnt look him in the eye when copping a load in the mouth"

Mr Cross: "oh - thats fine then, definately not gay unless you make eye contact"
by Spit_Roasted_Chef December 03, 2011
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